Joint Base Lewis McChord Community

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) stands as a beacon of military excellence and communal unity, offering an unparalleled living experience for those connected to the armed forces. As someone deeply appreciative of both the military community and the abundant amenities that cater to our unique lifestyle, I find JBLM to be more than just a base—it’s a home where camaraderie and support extend beyond duty hours.

JBLM’s origins trace back to 2010, born from the merging of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base. What is considered JBLM now started as Camp Lewis in 1917. This strategic consolidation created a powerhouse of military capability, housing the Army’s I Corps and the Air Force’s 62nd Airlift Wing along with a number of reserve units. Covering a vast 414,000 acres, it is the fourth-largest military base in the world. What truly sets JBLM apart is its role as the sole Army power-projection platform west of the Rockies, a testament to its critical importance in our nation’s defense structure.

Living within the JBLM community means being part of a military-friendly environment that resonates with a sense of belonging and unity. The majority of the population here shares ties to the armed forces, creating a unique community where understanding and mutual respect are the norms. It’s a place where we share the same language of service, dedication, and sacrifice—a language that bonds us together, making our community stronger and more resilient.

The base’s location, nestled approximately 9.1 miles southwest of Tacoma and 18 miles from Olympia, offers a blend of suburban comfort and rural tranquility, providing a serene backdrop to our vibrant community life. The proximity to Tacoma and Olympia opens up a world of cultural and recreational opportunities, ensuring that there’s always something new to explore and enjoy.

On base, JBLM is replete with amenities designed to cater to diverse needs and interests. Housing options within the community offer comfortable living spaces that cater to families, singles, and everyone in between. The healthcare services provided by Madigan Army Medical Center are second to none, ensuring that our military’s community’s health and well-being are always prioritized. For leisure and recreation, the base is equipped with top-notch facilities that encourage an active and engaged lifestyle, from sports complexes to community centers.

Dining and shopping establishments within the community serve as popular gathering spots, where friendships are formed and strengthened over meals and shared experiences. The biennial air show is a highlight event that showcases our military capabilities while fostering community engagement, drawing crowds from within and around the base, and enhancing the sense of pride in our collective identity.

What I love most about JBLM is the feeling of being part of a larger family. The military community here, with its plethora of amenities and shared experiences, creates a supportive and enriching environment. It’s a place where every day is an opportunity to connect, support, and grow together, making JBLM not just a base, but a community where everyone belongs.